Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My hubby's motorcycle

Just wanted to show off Dave's motorcycle that he's been putting so much time and effort into.! He's very proud of it and so is Brysen, just ask him:) He has it running and is about to cut our gas bill in half almost if he can ride it the spring and summer!!! I was hesitant at first with him putting so much time into this, but it seems it's something he really loves and if he's happy I'm happy:)

Monday, March 31, 2008


So this is a little late, but better now than never:) Easter was great. My sister Katie came up to visit us from Yakima Washington with my two nephews Alex, and Austin. It was great to see them and Brysen had so much fun with Alex. They love to hate each other, or visa versa.:) Brysen cried for about 3 hours after they left! The boys did Easter egg hunting in the snow, ate some good food afterwards, and opened some great Easter baskets! The littler ones stayed inside and played together it was cute. Austin's a year older than Landon but Landon loved to watch him go! I just enjoyed watching everyone have fun!

I miss my family so much, I think we're for sure moving back to Washington probably sometime this fall, or next spring. Don't know the exact date but I know that I miss my family so much and I know in my heart of hearts that I need to be closer to them again! Of course I miss my friends too, and it's so hard to make friends out here in Idaho. People are nice and hospitable, but with the weather always cold, and not being part of any "group" it's just been kind of miserable to be alone. So I'm pretty stoaked.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


So it's been awhile since I posted. I've been trying to keep this updated weekly, but I guess that just flew out the window this month! I've been doing very well, my boys are growing so fast! I forget what it's like to have an infant, and the stages they go through, the changes that happen on a daily basis.

Landon's 9 months old tomorrow and has already shown signs of not wanting the bottle anymore! He pushes it away all the time, it's a battle to get him to take it at all anymore. He loves his baby food though! That boy can pack away food. Brysen was so picky and bird like when he ate, but not Landon! I can still get him to take a bottle about 2 times a day, 3 if I'm lucky. Any moms out there know if that's normal? I guess your child makes normal though don't they, they decide what they're going to do for the most part.

Brysen's growing physically and mentally! His vocabulary surprises me everyday. The ideas and the things he can grasp amaze me! He's very sweet to his brother, shares (when he wants to of course) his toys. Alway can make him laugh, even more often then me!

Dave has a new motorcycle that he's working on. Pretty much getting it running from scratch. He loves it, and Brysen is very interested in what daddy is doing out in the garage! I'm pretty proud of Dave, he's doing very well with the bike. Guess I shouldn't be surprised he's a pretty handy man:)

Me, I'm just being a mommy, a wife, and trying to find time for myself in there somewhere every once in awhile! :) We're all happy and healthy though, and that's what matters most to me!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Growing boys!

I can't believe how fast my children are growing! Brysen has got quite the mouth on him:) I don't remember ever being that mouthy, but maybe I was. I'm sure it's from my husband's side;) Landon is teething and it's been really rough on him (and me). He's finally broke the bottom tooth through the gums, and has 2 little corners of each top front teeth poking through. Lets hope after these he (okay me too) gets a little rest from teething for a bit! It's amazing the stuff you block out of your memory from the first child. I think teething was one of those blocks I did for myself! The boys get along amazingly. I was so scared that Brysen would overwhelm Landon, but he does very well. He's so sensitive to his brother's cries and needs. If i'm using the bulb syringe to get stuff out of Landon's nose, I'd better protect myself. When Brysen hear's his brother screaming he comes a running and has many many things to say to me about it! Of course stating the obvious "mom, he doesn't like that stop it!"

It's been awhile since I've posted but that is our update for now. I will get back soon with more I'm sure. Maybe even a toothy grin:)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I have never in my life seen so much snow at once! We have about 2 feet of snow (maybe more) and 8 inches of new snow that just showed up this morning. It's crazy, but the snow here is nice snow (if there's such thing). It's very very fluffy, almost dry. Being from the 'true' northwest I've only seen the wet slushy stuff. The down fall with this snow here is, it is very hard to build a snowman with snow that won't pack together!

Brysen has a jeep that he loves to take out in the snow, it doesn't move very well and the tires spin a lot but he loves it anyway. Dave is always working on his truck and it's so cute because Brysen will be out there working on his jeep while dad is working on the truck. He'll even get up on the hood of the jeep and sit on it like Dave does when he's working under the hood! I need to get a picture for sure.

I think I need to start having my camera a little more readily available for oportune picture moments!

Landon is having a blast just watching Brysen run around, it's so funny his little head can't keep up with Brysen's movements but brother is always able to get a smile out him! I'm excited to watch their developing relationship grow!

Monday, January 28, 2008

My busy life

It's been a long time since I've blogged anything, but I'm trying to learn to organize my time better. First and foremost I need to spend as much of it as possible with my boys. I have a hard time not feeling guilty being a full time working mom and only seeing them on my off time. Seems I see my co-workers more than my children. Trying to make the most of the time that I do see them is my goal these days. You can say it's my mission in life:)

Brysen and I went to the library last weekend and read some books to each other. I didn't even realize how interested he is in books! Now that is something that a mother should know!!! So I will make a point of reading and checking out books to keep his mind busy and also spend that time together.

Landon is growing so fast I'm just trying to keep up with him. I need to start making a note of all the progess he's making or I will forget.

Dave is doing good with his job. He enjoys working with people and is very good at it. We also need to figure out how to spend more quality time together. In working full time and raising our boys we forget at times that we need to be there for each other. That after everyone leaves and moves out we will still be there for each other. Relationships are always growing and changing, and it our job to stay in good communication with each other so we know where each other are at all times!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

My Hobby

I wanted to take a quick minute to talk a little about my hobby! I'm an aquariest enthusiast! (Is that a word?) I have a 29 gallon freshwater tank with some nice fish, and 2 aquatic plants which are growing nicely! I also have a 72 gallon bow front marine tank (or saltwater tank) This is where my passion is developing. Although I love my freshwater tank, the marine tank is so interesting to me. You can sit there and look in the tank and find new life all the time that you never noticed! Right now I have a maroon clown fish (like nemo), a yellow tang, 2 pajama cardinals and a fox face lo. All are very different personalities (yes I said a fish has a personality) and I love watching them interact with each other and with me. I have some sea mushrooms growing very nicely in the tank, about 75 lbs of live rock, and lots of invertebrate. (snails and crabs) I also have a very finicky star fish that looks like it has chocolate chips on its back. This is a very fun hobby to take up the time that I get that is free. Plus my boys love watching the fish. If anyone has any input I'd great fully take it, and if anyone has questions about the hobby I can help a little, but more likely refer you to adequate help.